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Upcoming Shows

02.12.2023 - Metal Marmot Festival, Hotel Simplon, Frutigen (BE)
16.12.2023 - Ruination Metal Fest, Kulturhalle Sägegasse, Burgdorf (BE)
23.12.2023 - Met-Bar, Lenzburg (AG)
08.03.2024 - Bullhead Festival, Schüür, Luzern (LU)

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Days of Ruin Live | Full Concert

On December 10, 2022 we played one of the greatest shows we've had so far at the Kulturhalle Sägegasse in Burgdorf. Luckily we had some cameras with us and recorded the entire show. Have fun reliving it!

Past shows

19.11.2023 - There are worse Bands, Sedel (LU)
30.09.2023 - Move Your Feet Festival 8, Kofmehl Raumbar, Solothurn (SO)
01.07.2023 - The Bruch Brothers (LU)
08.04.2023 - Kupferschmiede, Langnau (BE)
10.03.2023 - Eldorado, Biel (BE)
17.12.2022 - Stroke of Fate Vol. 11, Chillout, Boswil (AG)
10.12.2022 - Kulturhalle Sägegasse, Burgdorf (BE)
19.11.2022 - Cafete, Bern (BE)
03.09.2022 - Elch Club, Ostermundigen (BE)
28.05.2022 - Müli Deisswil (BE)
02.10.2021 - Kulturhalle Sägegasse, Burgdorf (BE)
06.08.2020 - Mannried Open Air (BE)
06.03.2020 - Plattentaufe, Vamp Club Thun (BE)
18.01.2020 - Januarloch, Bandraum (BE)
07.12.2019 - Ebrietas, Zürich (ZH)
23.11.2019 - Cafete, Bern (BE)
16.11.2019 - AkUT, Thun (BE)
08.03.2019 - Vamp Club, Thun (BE)
20.10.2018 - Koch Areal (ZH)
12.10.2018 - Cafete, Bern (BE)
22.09.2018 - Improvisorium, Huttwil (BE)
01.09.2018 - Met-Bar, Lenzburg (AG)
23.06.2018 - Das O, Spiez (BE)
03.03.2018 - Privat, Steffisburg (BE)
23.02.2018 - Gaskessel, Bern (BE)
18.11.2017 - Das O, Spiez (BE)
22.09.2017 - Böröm Pöm Pöm (AG)

No shows? No problemo!

Check out our YouTube channel to find some concert footage from previous gigs!

Some bands we shared the stage with

Ambofro, Among Vultures, Anthem for a Dying Day, Avalanche, Broken Fate, Blackwind, Blown, Burrow, Cage, Crossplane, Declass, Disparaged, Expellow, Face the End, Freezes Deyna, Hatesphere, Hedera, Horace, Hydrahog, Insanity61, Irony of Fate, Jabar, Kess'Kthak Nice to Eat You, My Terror, Path of Wrath, Prospective, Selfish Hate, Sin Imperio, Sore Point, The Exiled, Trust the Shark, Unified Move, Versus, Virvum, Voice of Ruin and more


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